Devotional Monday: God’s Plan for You

What is God's plan for you

Happy Devotional Monday! 🙂

Today’s verse is James 1:5 

“If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault.”

It really is that simple…

In other words, if you are struggling to know what God’s plan for you is, or what your next step is…just ask Him. I know that seems crazy simple, but it is that simple. I think that many times when we are struggling with understanding our purpose, calling or path in life we ask God to make us into ____. Or we ask Him to give us the skills to do ____. This is perfectly fine to ask these questions but in this verse, it’s much more simple. Just pray for wisdom and understanding. Whoever knocks receives, whoever prays for wisdom (whole-heartedly) finds answers.

Put Him First…

One thing that this verse does not say is that after you have thought of everything else, then ask God. It also doesn’t say as a last resort, ask God for wisdom. Why? Because this verse is implying that when we need answers we go to Him first. That means we go to Him before our friends, family, and the internet. He has so much power. A power that humans are literally unable to comprehend! Going to Him first is logical. God gives the best advice! So put Him first in all situations, but especially when you are searching for the plans for your life.

God does have a plan for you, but it may not be what you had in mind…

One of the most amazing things about God is that He can take what you think is “the best plan” or “the best option,”and turn it down. Then He gives you something EVEN BETTER. He gives immeasurably more! Our tiny plans don’t compare to His great purpose for our lives.

I spent so much time during high school and college trying to figure out God’s plan for me. I was so frustrated that I was praying for a plan and nothing was coming up. Every time I would pray or seek, that still small voice would say “Be still, put me first.” But in my mind, I was like, “I’ll put you first and focus on you after I figure out my purpose.” I had it so wrong. One day, I felt like I had no options, I had no purpose, I had no gifts, so I stopped focusing on what I wanted to be and started focusing on God. All of a sudden, things started happening in my life.

Eventually, I got to the point of deciding that my purpose is to share God’s word and Jesus’ heart through writing. This purpose and plan for my life is something I would never have dreamed of, but now I’ve never been happier.

Main Take Away…

Whatever you have been asking God for, make sure that you’re putting Him first. It’s not really faith if we’re asking God for something as our backup plan. His power is unmatched, believe that and you will have some amazing changes in your life!


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