With God Anything is Possible

with God all things are possible

Happy Devotional Monday here at ephesians320.org!

Todays verse is:
“Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26 


Why? because it humbles me so deeply, but then allows me to understand that anything is possible… with God. This verse may be something we have heard before, or maybe not, but either way, do we really believe it? If we do claim that we believe it, do we live our lives in a way that shows this verse is true?
I would have to answer that last question with a big fat “no.” I forget that God can make anything happen, everyday. I get too caught up in trying to run my own life. So, often I end up drowning by my own limits. As all of that is going on, God is just standing there next to me waiting for me to say, “Okay you take it, you control the outcome anyways.”
As humans we like to try to play the role of God in our own lives. Though this can go okay for a while, eventually your human weaknesses will show and let you know that you can not do the impossible. Because we are unable to do the impossible, we think God can’t either.

Don’t limit God to our level…

Is your idea of God too human? Many times, because human is all we know, we limit God to our level. We try to humanize God in His strengths. Sometimes, we even try to give God weaknesses. We have to understand that God is not human. Though He is not human, He has felt our emotion, our pain, our hurt, our struggle. Yet, He is still not human, so He does not have human weaknesses! GOD CAN DO ALL THINGS.
Without God we can do nothing, with God all things are possible. Knowing this deep inside our souls changes our lives in many ways. We can admit our limits, we can humble ourselves as humans. After that happens we can give God our weakness. Where we are limited, He is limitless.

In our weakness He finds strength…

That phrase above sums up most of the stories in the Bible. God used so many people’s weaknesses for good. He took people who were looked down upon, to do His work. He put the message of the gospel in the hands of a small amount of people (with no political power, no internet, no marketing, not a whole lot of transportation) to spread it across the world. Look at it now… with man itwould have been impossible, but with God all things are possible.
Live everyday from now on knowing that you cannot do the impossible, but you have a God that can do the impossible through you! Pray for those opportunities from God, ask Him to use your weaknesses for His strength and His glory. Your life with change and you will see God’s power work within you! 🙂

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