Productively Unproductive


 Let’s be real…

So, I just wanted to drop in today to let you know that I am so far from perfect. I am not a perfect person, perfect blogger and I am definitely not a perfect Christian. You know what is great about that… I don’t have to be.

I know my title is a Christian Blogger, to some that may mean that every second of the day I am praising, praying, writing, teaching, reading or thinking about God’s word. I wish I could be that way but I simply am a sinner saved by grace alone. I am a blogger, given this opportunity to write to you by grace alone. So, I fall short every day.

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Let me give you an example…

Today, I was productivly unproductive. You know when you have one main goal that you must accomplish and then you avoid it in every way possible. Yet, you are still productive, so you justify to yourself that its okay that you didn’t get your main goal done. Welp, that was me all day! 

Today’s goal…

Let’s see here, today’s goal was to write a super awesome devotional Monday for you guys, create the graphics, promote it on social media and maybe even create a week-long devotional to go along with it. I wanted to really embrace the fact that I have this AMAZING chance to share God’s word with the world.

What I actually did today | Productively unproductive 

  1. Worked out (Me justifying myself- because that won’t take long and I just got back from Florida so I need to)
  2. Went to the grocery store (because well.. the fridge is dangerously empty and I may starve to death)
  3. Meal prepped
  4. Groomed my dog… (Yea I know, I was really trying to avoid writing)
  5. Showered
  6. Went to eat my meal prepped food but ate a cupcake instead
  7. Was annoyed at myself for eating a cupcake (I pouted and sat on my phone)
  8. Decided to get my life together, so I made some coffee
  9. Sat down staring at my computer screen for a million years…
  10. Meanwhile my coffee got cold, so of course, I had to make a new one
  11. I then decided to listen to a podcast about how to be more productive (I know.. it’s really getting pathetic now)
  12. I then decided I was just too hungry to write so I ate again


I am sitting here writing this blog post to you guys instead of a devotional Monday because God, through my fiancé, reminded me that I am human and God is always in control. He does not care if a “Devotional Monday” post comes out. He just wants me to share His word and His love. So here it is… God loves us even on days like this one. He still loves me, even though I purposely avoided writing about Him all day.

“God has you exactly where He wants you. The God of the entire universe wants to use you to spread His word. If He can make all of the animals, stars, and all of the galaxies He can use you exactly as He has planned.” – Ryan Robbins (my awesome fiancé)

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God can use you even if you don’t want to be…

Ryan is so right… God can use you even when you don’t want to be used by Him. Look at this post. Instead of the usual bible verse and devotional, He wanted me to write about His love and mercy even when we don’t deserve it. So, just make sure you’re not too hard on yourself, you really can not ruin God’s plan for your life. Don’t try to be perfect, just be real. God has you exactly where He wants you.

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Have you ever had a day like this one? Were you able to see God’s plan unfold in the midst of the day’s craziness? Let me know in a comment below!

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