Are you Searching for Approval?

If so who are searching to gain approval from?

  • Your boss
  • Your parents
  • Your kids
  • Your friends
  • People in general?

So often we start to live this life to gain approval from other people because we are scared of judgment from people, we are scared to be talked about, to be made fun of, or to be considered a “failure.”

So why would you want to get out of that deep hole of being a people pleaser? Well, when we fail in front of people or succeed in front of people, the result of their judgment contains our sense of worth. Our earthly achievements according to others tend to be the root of our insecurities or pride.

So, do you want to know how to fix this?

“Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men,” (Colossians 3:23)

Start putting your worth in Christ. We must understand that approval of people means nothing. It is approval from God that gives us true fulfillment. When we work to find approval from God, and achievement for the Kingdom of God, we start to become neither insecure or prideful. We become humble.

Work for the Lord

What does it mean to work for the Lord? It means that no matter what you are doing, do it for God. Do it out of love, obedience, and faithfulness. I know many people have bosses, co-workers, and jobs, in general, that they wake up every day dreading. Instead of thinking of it as working for other people or just working to pay the bills, try to change your mindset. When you wake up tell yourself you are going to work for God today. Everything you do, you’re going to put your all into because you’re working for God and not for people.

God has you exactly where He wants you

Once we start putting God first in all parts of our lives we will see a shift in our joy, our hope, and our faith. The dreaded job you have may become something you look forward to. Maybe a different perspective could change your attitude. It could possibly change your position or role in the company. Anything is possible with God, but we must serve Him over people to achieve this kind of joy and possible success.

What can you do in your daily life to serve God?

Challenge yourself this week, no matter what you do, to start seeing your work as an act of worship or service to God. I promise that if you truly embrace this challenge you will see a change.

Thank you so much for Reading and Happy Devotional Monday! 🙂

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Are you searching for approval?


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