No One Is Ever Too Far Gone

No One is Ever Too Far Gone

Because of the Bible, prayer and my personal relationship with God I am blessed to know many of the unlimited attributes of our perfect God. One thing that I am absolutely sure of is that not a single person is ever too far gone. Not a single person on this planet is so far under the water that they can not be pulled up, forgiven and freed from sin.

Our Classification System

Because of human nature, we like to classify people. Many times, we as Christians, classify other Christians. Sometimes we’re jealous and we say, “They’re a better Christian than me… God loves them more than me.” Or on the other side of it we say that “They’re Christians don’t they know that’s wrong? I’m in better standing with God than them.” Sometimes we even go as far as saying things like, “Well they’re going to Hell for that.” All of this is so wrong.

We All Fall Short

What must understand is that there is no classification system… WE ARE ALL THE SAME. More specifically our sin is all the same. Excuse my boldness, but every last human on this earth deserves Hell. Why?

“for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,” Romans 3:23-24

My sin is not lighter or “less bad” than anyone else, just as your sin is not lighter or “less bad” than anyone else’s. We have all sinned, which makes us unqualified to reach Heaven. No ifs, ands, or buts we simply cannot make it to Heaven on our own. Until we understand that simple truth, we won’t truly be able to grasp grace in its full. Until Jesus took every single one of our sins to the cross, we had no hope.

Don’t Doubt God’s Power To Change Someone’s Heart

After experiencing some of the inevitable hurts life brings us we tend to adopt the mentality that people don’t change; and even if they do change, it won’t be forever. We must understand that when we think this way we are doubting God’s great power. We are believing the lies that Satan tells us. God takes the most broken people and turns them into a living breathing ministry. If we were to humble ourselves enough to know that our sin is just as bad as anyone else’s, we may be able to see the miracle of change in our own hearts.

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Saul to Paul

If you would like a real-life Biblical example of someone who the world would have said was too far gone, let’s take a look at Paul’s life. I am sure many of you have heard of Paul from the Bible. He is famous for his words and for writing many of the books in the new testament. Paul changed many peoples hearts for Jesus and still continues today. When Paul become Paul, he lived every second for Jesus. He lived in urgency that Jesus is coming soon. He risked his life and gave up a lot to do what he did, but he wasn’t always that way.

Paul used to go by the name Saul. Saul was a persecutor and murderer. He was an all-powerful man infamous for murdering Christians, to be more specific.  He was a man that we would describe now as never being able to change. But God changed him into one of the biggest pieces in the Bible. He became a teacher that would teach generation after generation about God’s true heart.

“Paul’s Christianity meant a radical change in his whole nature. He went out of Jerusalem a persecutor, he came into Damascus a Christian. Paul rode out of Jerusalem hating, loathing, despising Jesus Christ; he groped his way into Damascus, broken, bruised, clinging contrite to His feet, and clasping His Cross as his only hope. Paul went out proud, self-reliant, pluming himself upon his many prerogatives, his blue blood, his pure descent, his Rabbinical knowledge, his Pharisaical training, his external religious earnestness, his rigid morality; he rode into Damascus blind in the eyes, but seeing in the soul…” – Alexander Maclaren

So, keep praying for that member of your family to change, God is listening. Stop judging other people for that they have done because your sin is the same as theirs in God’s eyes. Lastly, stop letting the weight of your own past weigh you down. You are free in Jesus, the old is gone the new has come. No one is too far gone!!


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