Come as you are

Come as you are my friend! This is one very important message that is left out too often. Jesus wants you to go to him as you are. What does this mean? Simply, that you do not have to have your life together, your finances together, your relationships together to go to Him. No matter […]

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Where is God in This Mess?

Where is God in this mess? Have you ever felt this way? It may just be me but I find myself asking this question way too often. I find myself doubting His goodness, His power, and His plans. Just because the sin, brokenness, and hurt of this world are grabbing a hold of something around […]

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How to Dive into The Word Daily

Reading the Bible Every day Diving into the Bible on a daily basis is essential to building up our relationship with God along with learning and understanding our roles as followers of Jesus. Reading the Bible every day can be difficult. Just like anything else, it takes consistency and discipline to read the bible or […]

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What is True Love?

What is true love? The bible mentions love endless times in many different scenarios. I think the best representation of love is in verses that most of you probably know pretty well. We hear them at almost every wedding. You guessed it, 1 Corinthians 13:4-8. Now before you click away because you feel like you […]

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A Call to Action

what is our call to action?

What is our calling as Christians? So what does it mean to be a Christian? Someone of faith? What is our call to action? First, it means that you have been saved. Receiving salvation means that you have accepted the fact that Jesus Christ came to this earth. He came to be willingly be brutally […]

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God’s Timing is Perfect

“God’s timing is perfect,” “Just trust in God’s timing,” I am sure you have heard these phrases a couple times in your life. Maybe you’ve even heard them when you least wanted to. But I am here to tell you that what can be misconstrued as an over used christian phrase, or a comment someone […]

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Finding Your Identity In Jesus

Finding your identity in Jesus… I think that many of us have struggled with the unavoidable question of, “who am I?” Usually, this question doesn’t just come up once or twice, it happens all the time. Every new stage in life seems to bring about this soul-aching question. So how do we truly answer it? […]

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Weakness is a Strength

weakness is strength

Weakness is strength… It is okay to be weak, actually, it is good! God’s measure of weakness and strength is much different than our measure of it here on earth. We see that many people struggle with letting go of control and admitting they need God’s strength to fill where they are weak. But in […]

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What The Bible Says About Heaven

what is Heaven

So, Heaven…what is Heaven? What can we expect? How do we get there? Well, no one truly knows what Heaven looks like. Unfortunately, we don’t have a full description of what to expect when we get there. My guess is that it is just too amazing to even describe with words. “But, as it is […]

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