It’s Not About Us

it is not about us

Here is some truth that I hope you all can relate to! This life is not about us, it is much bigger. That is something that I have been struggling with a lot lately! I live in my own little world. In that world I need to ask myself, “Am I running it or am […]

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Devotional Monday: Hope for Today, Tomorrow and Forever

Hey everyone! I have decided to start making a Devotional Monday! 🙂 All this means is that I’m going to pick a subject and a couple of verses to discuss every Monday. I’ll make sure to give a little bit of information about the verse and hopefully provide you with enough motivation and inspiration to […]

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What Is A Stubborn Heart Against God?

Do you have stubbornness against God?

Do you have stubbornness against God? So, right now you may be wondering what I mean by the question above. Well, I mean that I want you to ask yourself if there is any part of you that denies God’s great power? Is there any part of you that sometimes sees the information in the […]

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God Is ALL We Need

God is all we need

God is all we need… I think it is so difficult to really grasp the fact that God is all we need. Most of the time we walk around as if we don’t need Him at all. We only take Him out of that little box we keep Him in when its convenient for us. […]

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Why is Reading The Bible so Important?

Why is reading the bible so important?

“Why should I read the bible?” I bet at least once in your life you’ve asked one of these questions, “Why should I read the Bible?”, “What does the Bible really say?”, “How do I read the Bible?,” “Why is reading the bible so important to being a follower of Jesus?” Well, I want to […]

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Finding Your Identity In Jesus

Finding your identity in Jesus… I think that many of us have struggled with the unavoidable question of, “who am I?” Usually, this question doesn’t just come up once or twice, it happens all the time. Every new stage in life seems to bring about this soul-aching question. So how do we truly answer it? […]

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